Raw Silk Pillow Case, rejuvenate your skin while sleeping!
Raw Silk Pillow Case, rejuvenate your skin while sleeping!

Raw Silk Pillow Case, rejuvenate your skin while sleeping!

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Raw Silk Pillow case For Functional sleeping. Do you suffer from black heads or acne or facial blemishes, or simply overly oily or sensitive skin? This pillow case actually cleanses your face while you sleep! Silk is hypo allergenic due to its protein structure, therefore reducing reactions to things such as bacteria and dust mites. Silk has been used extensively in the beauty and health industry for its ability to rejuvenate skin, decrease wrinkles and sustain healthy hair. The proteins in silk make a very friendly fabric for people who suffer from eczema, psoriasis and other fierce skin issues. It is highly absorbent, decreasing oil and sweat accumulation while you sleep. I use this same material in my garshana gloves which I actually use when giving a facial because it is such an awesome yet gentle exfoliater. It is hand crafted with love just for you, from raw silk, which is a finely nubby type of material and kindly absorbent of excess oil and grime.
This silk is extra special. So please read all the way through before purchasing.
It's not soft like normal silk.
This silk is crafted from the broken strands that happen when the silk worm is allowed to emerge.
Common soft silk is created from boiling the silk worm in its cocoon. Thus you have one long long strand of silk that creates softness all throughout the fabric.
These pillow cases are not that.
They are made from the broken strands that happen when a silk worm is allowed to emerge into a beautiful moth.
This fabric is nubbly like soft cotton with tiny bumps that exfoliate. The fabric is highly absorbant of oils and really has given me the best skin of my life!
Normal pillow cases build up oil and grime that settles on your skin, creating build up and blemishes. Raw silk absorbs oils and grime, holding it in its own fibers til washed, not mushing it about your face while you sleep.
Beauty rest at its best, may your sleep be blessed!
Three sizes available.
Regular pillow case size is 21 x 28 inches.
Queen is 21 x 36 inches.
King size is 21 x 40 inches.