Raven Beard Oil, Organic
Raven Beard Oil, Organic

Raven Beard Oil, Organic

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Raven Beard Oil for the ultimate in beard taming, body, shine, strength growth, softness and beard health.

Utilizing the finest Organic and Wildcrafted Oils and herbs for the downright best in beard care.

Raven beard Oil contains a propriety blend Ayurvedic, Chinese and eclectic herbs to take your beard from frazzled to fantastic.


• Organic Ho Shou Wu - an ancient Chinese herb used for centuries for maintaining Beard health, reducing beard greying, reversing the effects of beard loss and healing irritated skin issues under the beard.

• Organic Bhringraj- an Ayurvedic herb known as the "ruler of the hair". Helps Beard hair grow strong, stimulates Beard growth and health, along with speeding up the healing process with any skin issues, creating a wonderful complexion.

• Organic Nettle - Contains a plethora of nutrients vital to beard and underlying skin health, used daily in beard care for the best beard ever.

Moon Magic's Raven beard oil scent, created entirely from plant essences, is a feathery experience of mind opening seductive sage, lashings of greenery and the stability of woods. It has a soft floral imbued with hints of lavender and warm hay with dallops of golden resins seeping from trees.

Comes in a 30 ml amber glass bottle with a reducer for easy use and control.

Contains hand blended botanicals, plant essence and quickly absorbing Argan oil, Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and herbal oils.

Follow with Moon Magic's Beard balm for the ultimate in beard care,
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