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DIY incense, Heart Moon
DIY incense, Heart Moon

DIY incense, Heart Moon

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Heart incense.
Make your own Incense!
This is an easy to do kit, a fun gift or just a great craft time!
The heart incense kit is created to support and open the heart physically, emotionally and spiritually. To help you live your best life ever with loving intention and compassion in each moment.
This blend contains organic herbs of 
red sandalwood
myrrh resin
guar gum
a precious blend of botanical essence, to support kindness and compassion, inward and outward love to yourself and the universe.
Be a channel of love and shine your light brightly.
Makes between 8-10 large cones
16-20 medium cones
and around 30 small cones.
Handmade with pure joy in the USA.

- Finished incense not included.