Carnelian Organic Herbal Washcloth Oily skin care
Carnelian Organic Herbal Washcloth Oily skin care

Carnelian Organic Herbal Washcloth Oily skin care

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Carnelian Tonic Organic Herbal Washcloth for Facial Bliss, refresh and energize.

Is your face care regimen getting you down?
Is there just not enough time in your day to do all the things facial?
Did you know that Moon Magic has the perfect solution?
We created a line of herbal washcloths just for your skin type.
Each different color washcloth contains a blend of herbs for a specific skin type.
These washcloths were specially formulated to slowly release the herbs when warm water is added and friction.
All you need to do is wash your face for a daily dose of skin multi-vitamin just for you.
We use an organic cotton terry fabric that is deeply plush which holds a heavy dose of herbs in every fluffy loop.

Carnelian for oily skin contains a variety of herbs to reduce excess oil production, balance the circulation in the skin and expel sluggish and toxic substances

Contains Revitalizing and lymphatic moving herbs of Licorice, Guggul, Orange, Cinnamon and many more. Experience your best Skin Ever!

These work great with or without soap and for oil cleansing too! If you don't like soap, just a gentle steam and a light scrub and you’re good to go. Whatever you’re into face wash wise, there is a washcloth for you.

Use as you would a normal washcloth, the herbal attributes imbued in the fibers send a constant nourishing and healing experience to your skin.

Organic cotton.
Washcloth is 13x13 inches and super plush.

Colors may slightly vary based upon the dye lot.
Nourish with nature. Hand dyed and sewn with plants and love by Moon Magic.