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Wild Indigo Balm DIY

Wild Indigo Balm

For dry, flaky, inflamed, irritated skin issues.

Stress is a funny thing, often times we don't realize how stressed we are until we break down maybe with an illness, anxiety or insomnia etc...

Mine is in three patches, my right elbow, mid left back and right three last meta tarsals.

They start as an itch, move into what looks like a bruise and if I don't take care of my stress I get a raised itchy, red, dry, flaky area.

This balm fixes it Externally as I work internally to self care.

Make it yourself or order one, here.

 Wild Indigo Stick by Moon Magic


12 grams beeswax

25 mls indigo oil 

(For instructions on making an herbal oil check out this blog here)

12 grams shea butter

lip balms tubes

Essential oils - optional

( I used patchouli, lavender and cypress)

Pure joy - essential for phenomenal herbalism

pot or pan for double boiler



Wild Indigo Stick by Moon Magic

measure out all ingredients into a heat proof mixing pot.

Wild Indigo Stick by Moon Magic

Set over double boiler until melted.

Wild Indigo Stick by Moon Magic

Ready your lip balm tubes.

Remove mixing pot from heat.

Blend in essential oils if using.

Wild Indigo Stick by Moon Magic

Pour into lip balm tubes.

Wild Indigo Stick by Moon Magic

Let set til cooled,

Wild Indigo Stick by Moon Magic



share and use!!

If you want to order some pre-made go here.


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