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Solid Bath milk recipe, vegan

Solid bath milk by moon magic

Solid Bath milk recipe

For silky soft skin, this scrumptious soak is a bath time must have!

To get some already made go here.

Coconut milk and cocoa butter nourish the skin adding moisturizing plant fats, roses sooth the skin and heart, vanilla calms irritated skin issues, and can improve skin tone, as well as being a very calming and grounding aroma.


1 oz cocoa butter (get some here)

1 oz coconut oil (get some here)

1 teaspoon powdered vanilla bean (get some here)

6 oz coconut milk (get some here)

4-6 oz fizzing mixture (recipe here)

rose petals for a pretty top. (get some here)

An ice cube tray for the mold.

Recipe yields about 14 solid bath milks.

solid bath milk recipe by Moon Magic

To make

solid bath milk recipe by Moon Magic

melt the butters and oils in a heat proof mixing bowl over a double boiler

solid bath milk recipe by Moon Magic

once melted, blend in the vanilla

solid bath milk recipe by Moon Magic

then mix in the coconut milk  blending well until no clumps remain. 

Add the fizzing mixture slowly as you may not need it all,

milk bath dough by moon magic

mix until you have a dough type consistency that doesn't stick to your hands.

Solid bath milk by Moon Magic

Sprinkle rose petals in the bottom of your mold.

solid Milk bath recipe by Moon Magic

Follow with scooping bits of the milk mixture into each mold,

solid Milk bath recipe by Moon Magic

pressing dough in firmly for a nice strong formed shape.

Set aside to dry over night, or stick in freezer for half an hour, pop out of mold and set to dry on parchment or freezer paper.

I like to wrap these in glassine bags, wax paper, parchment, freezer paper or whatever you like best is great too!

To use, drop one solid milk bar into running bath water and let dissolve, get in soak and enjoy!

Do be mindful, these will make your tub slippery so exit the tub with caution.

Solid bath milk by moon magic

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