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Make Your Own Smudge Stick

make your own smudge


Make your own Smudge Stick!

This is an easy how to on making your own smudge stick.

I use Wormwood but feel free to use any plants you’re into, just make sure they are safe to burn.

I’ve used lavender, cedar, sweet grass, sage, lemongrass, lemon balm, and rose in the past.

Each plant will have varying effects on your environment, as each plant contains its own unique attributes, but all smudge is cleansing.

Wormwood is used to get rid of parasites and cleanse the environment. It is often used in ritual to enhance psychic abilities, it’s a nervine and calms the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety.

I used wormwood in this tutorial because I was just given a bunch has a gift.

The smudge sticks I make in this how to are small because that's how I like them, but feel free to make yours the size you like.

You will need;

Wormwood for smudge sticks

Plant material that has been dried out for about a week so that it doesn’t contain very much water but is still malleable and doesn’t break all over the place.


smudge stick tools

Cotton thread (hemp is fine, it just needs to be a safe thread to burn.)



trimming for smudge sticks

Start with trimming your plant material into a size you like.

Cutting thread for smudge stick

Next cut a length of thread about 2 yards long.

wrapping smudge stick 

 Holding one end against the base of your smudge bunch,

wrapping smudge stick

Start wrapping around the base

wrapping smudge sticks

And on up towards the top of the bunch of plant,

wrapping smudge stick

Once you get to the top, start wrapping back downwards to the base of your plant bunch.

Once you've succesfully wrapped your plant bunch, tye the strings together at the bottom.

Wormwood bunches

If you have more plants to make into smudge sticks follow the same process until you run out of plant

get ready to hang dry wormwood  smudge sticks

Make sure your bunches have enough thread to tye to something to hang dry, if they don't have enough thread just add a little bit that can be easily removed when dry so your smudge stick looks nice and tidy and ritual ready!

hang drying wormwood smudge sticks, by moon magic

Hang your smudge sticks until they are nice and dried out.

That's it!


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  • Thanks Liz!

    By far your instructions are the easiest, no nonsense way to create a smudge stick! Thank you!


    Mario Sifuentes

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