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Indigo Oil

Indigo oil

indigo oil by Moon Magic co

This is the oil of winter.

Perfect for healing dry skin, cracks, chaps, redness, irritation. It is my go to moisturizer for sensitive dry facial skin.


It can be used alone as a nourishing face oil or added into things like whipped body butter!

indigo oil by moon magic co


1 tablespoon organic indigo powder

1 cup sunflower oil

indigo oil by Moon Magic

To make

Put your indigo powder and sunflower oil into a Mason jar, label and date, cap, shake, set in the sun for 1-2 weeks, Shake daily.

indigo oil by Moon Magic co

Strain through a coffee filter, or let sit for a day without shaking and pour off oil.

indigo oil by Moon Magic co

Toss out the coffee filter, bottle, label and date your oil.

Indigo oil by Moon Magic co

It should be good for about a year.

indigo oil

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