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Colored Bath salts, naturally dyed salt

Colored Bath salts

Rainbow bath salts, by moon magic co

These are fun, super easy and great for you!!

Use them straight, or to decorate other skincare items.

You will need Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate)

Natural food coloring dye 

Pretty Jars if gifting or bags for storage

The amounts you will need will be up to you, do you want to make a cup of colored bath salt? Do you only need 2 Tablespoons for  sprinkling on top of a thing?

I like to make about a cup of each color at a time for bath item toppings.

To make the rainbow in bath salts you will want to have 

6 cups of epsom salts

Red food coloring

Blue food coloring

Yellow food coloring

6 bowls

6 spoons ( or use your hands for mixing)

containers or ziplocs to store the salt in.

To make;

dyeing bath salts naturally by Moon Magic Co

Put one cup of epsom salt into each bowl

Add your colors to the bowls,

Naturally dyed bath salts with Moon Magic Co

Remember to get green use blue and yellow, 

to get purple use red and blue

and to get orange blend red and yellow.

Start with just a few drops of color and work in with your hands or a spoon, add more color if desired.

naturally dyed bath salts by Moon Magic Co

Thats it!

super easy!

Place these in storage containers or ziplocs to have on hand when you need them.

Do not leave the bath salts out in the air, magnesium will bond with the moisture in the air and white out your salts.

If you make something awesome, I'd love to see it!



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