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Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe, exfoliate, reduce cellulite, nourish with nature

Coffee sugar scrub recipe

Bathing suit season is rapidly approaching, so I’ve created a serious cellulite removing exfoliator.

Cellulite can be a pocket of toxins or fats, that when stimulated can actually be moved back into the lymphatic system and expelled by the body.

Stimulating coffee and spices can aid in enhancing the circulatory and toxin moving properties of an exfoliating substance.

I’ve created the perfect pre-summer-bathing companion all wrapped up in one awesome moisturizing sugar scrub that will leave you glowing gently moisturized and smooth!

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To make your Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe you will need the following;

Jars, lids and labels

120 grams sugar

7 grams coffee ground for espresso

20 grams grapeseed oil (or whatever you prefer)

5 grams castille soap

Pinch of each of the following spices (optional)






Blend dry ingredients together,

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

add wet ingredients and blend well,

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

scoop into jars,

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe
Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

label, share or use all for your beautiful self!!

Rose and sea salt love scrub

Rose and sea salt love scrub Recipe

Rose and sea salt love scrub

 Rose and sea salt love scrub Recipe.

A delightfully nourishing rose and sea salt love scrub for freshly exfoliated deeply moisturized skin, to leave you marveling in your divine beauty. This rose and sea salt scrub recipe is a fine balance of sea salt, oils, cocoa butter, and just enough castile soap to be moisturizing and exfoliating without being greasy.

This recipe makes about 10 -12 ounces total scrub.

Ingredients and tools;

11 oz sea salt fine

1/2 oz cocoa butter

2 oz oil (I used a blend of organic sunflower, rose hip, red raspberry seed and coconut oil, but you can use what you have on hand.)

1/2 oz castille soap

I add a lovely uplifting and healing blend of essential oils, but you can omit these or substitute as desired.

Scent blend

3 drops Benzoin absolute

5 drop rose de mai absolute

20 drops rosewood essential oil

20 drops ruby red grapefruit essential oil

Pyrex glass jar for melting oils,

bowl for mixing spoon,

one pot to use as a double boiler

Jars with lids


Rose petals to embelish the top with, if desired

Rose and sea salt love scrub

Begin with measuring sea salt into mixing bowl,

set aside. Weigh out oils, cocoa butter and castile soap into pyrex cup,

Rose and sea salt love scrub

set this into double boiler pan, fill with enough water to come to the same level as the oils and butters in your pyrex cup, put on stove on medium heat,

Stir until oils and butter are melted.

Rose and sea salt love scrub

Remove from heat and add essential oils as desired.  Rose and sea salt love scrub

Pour the oil blend into the salt and

Rose and sea salt love scrub

stir until mixed well,

Rose and sea salt love scrub

spoon into jars,

Rose and sea salt love scrub

sprinkle rose petals on top if desired, cap, label and enjoy all for your beautiful self or share the love.

Rose and sea salt love scrub

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