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Natural Soap at Home by Liz McQuerry

Natural Soap at Home

Available now, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indie Bound


From the creator of the natural skin care line Moon Magic, Liz McQuerry offers a step-by-step guide, enhanced with excellent photos, for natural cold-process soap crafting. Utilizing mostly kitchen ingredients to create a variety of innovative soap blends–including felted soap, beer soap, and seasonal soaps–McQuerry will put you in touch with your inner alchemist. From body bars to hair care bars, with wonderful tidbits and advice on herbs and essential oil blends, you and your family will enjoy a clean like never before.

Natural Soap at Home provides delightful instructions for:

  • Skin care bars
  • Hair care bars
  • Creative and beautiful bars
  • An easy make-your-own soap cutter
  • A wide array of beautifully blended essential oil formulations to scent your soap
  • A comprehensive table on vegetable oils along with what to use, when, and why
  • And much more

Glove up and safety-goggle down for a fun, efficient, and easy-to-follow ride through the world of soap crafting.


About the Author

Liz McQuerry is a firm believer in nourishing from nature. She is always trying to find new, fun, and more innovatively beautiful ways to craft and has worked in the allopathic medicine system for years while studying holistic medicine and body therapies in Chinese, ayurvedic, and eclectic medicine. Through her company, Moon Magic (MoonMagic.co), she has been creating and sharing her knowledge for more than ten years. When she is not testing formulas, she spends her time playing with her three children, jogging in the woods, and painting on her porch surrounded by a cacophony of living greenery. She resides in Grass Valley, California.


Editorial Reviews

“A sensible guide to handcrafting soap at home without breaking the bank on specialized tools and materials.” —Anne L. Watson, author of Smart Soapmaking

“This is a solid book on the art and science of how to create handmade soap at home. From the basic science to more advanced techniques and ingredients, this book will teach from the basics to the challenging.” —Anne-Marie Faiola, founder Bramble Berry Handcraft Provisions

From the Publisher