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Stardust Organic washcloth, Plant dyed


Stardust Organic washcloth, Plant dyed with Indigo. Super plush, nourish with nature. Vegan and sustainable bathing.


Stardust Organic washcloth, Plant dyed

Seeped in stardust, indigo and pure joy this organic cotton washcloth is incredibly plush and measures 13×13.
Each side may not be as darkly dyed due to the sheer thickness of the washcloth, but it will be just as magical.

Most commercially available washcloths are seeped in toxic residues from pesticides herbicides and fungicides during the growing process, along with formaldehyde and a few others to retain color and freshness while on the shelf. These chemicals can have long term side effects on your health.
Why not make a change and take better care of your skin, health and the environment with an organic, plant dyed wash cloth, hand sewn with pure joy?!
Hand dyed with plants on organic eco cert, US sustainably grown cotton, sewn with all the love and pure joy for the best bathing experience ever!!!

This listing is for one 13×13 inch washcloth by Moon Magic

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 13 in


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