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Pegasus Natural Perfume in organic alcohol


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Pegasus natural perfume in organic alcohol
For the Tuberose lover
This blessed winged adventure is very stable in nature all the way through from top to bottom from winded currents of grounded top notes that slowly unfurl down through sweet flora mid drifts of sun dancing on fresh green leafy meadow with flowers of ethereal jasmine and wild roses, a sparkling of sensuous tuberose mixed with sweet scents of warm hay and tonka, a gentle breeze filtering through the forest firs, cedars, sacred oud, and ancient oaks with their shaggy curls of moss lolling down their cool north sides interspersed with fungi and knobby roots firmly planted in the dark damp earth, circling back up along this strong beasts warm side flanks marked with sweat and soft light feathers attached to this wonderful creatures strong structure lifting us up again into the deep blue starry sky.

This beautiful scent sculpture has been simpering at me from a dark corner of my work space for quite some time now as I have been gently toying and adding to it until I finally breathed in with joy and out with the passion it invoked from its hopscotch to my olfactory senses and on through my entire being, I feel a scent is ready once it can elicit an entirely wholistic reaction.


Comes in a glass bottle with spritzer.


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