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Organic carrot + Iris soap.


Organic carrot + Iris soap.

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Organic carrot + Iris soap.
Freshly pressed organic Carrots and Iris are well revered for their youth maintaining properties due to the incredible mineral
and vitamin content, and antioxidants. Excellent for uplifting wrinkles, tired skin, dry skin, blemishes, uneven pigmentation.
Balances acidity or pH due to its alkaline nature, this soap is perfect for tired older skin, dryness, or overly oily skin and blemishes, because of that aspect of the carrots nature as well.
This soap has lovely powdery and floral rosewood scent.
Also contains organic extra virgin olive oil, eco palm kernel oil, organic sandalwood, Orris, botanical scent blend, and lots of joy.
Soap weighs just under 5 oz

Hand cut soap.
Palm Free Soap

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Weight .5 lbs


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