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Naiad Myst after sun and water skin care


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Naiad myst

This is the stuff the gods use for immortal skin care.

It retains youth. Restorative through rejuvenating cellular stability on all levels.

Naiad Myst

It’s a well known fact that naiads will seduce you into the water and drown you, but did you know they craft one of the purest skin nourishing mysts available, in this universe, for after water and sun care?

This recipe is taken directly from a well hidden secret Naiad recipe. I took the liberty to substitute a few of the items that are unattainable in our world, at this time, but work just as efficiently.

Spritz this myst on liberally after sun and or water play to sooth dryness, moisturize, rehydrate and minimize damage while decreasing healing time.

Contains a magical potion full of rose and lavender hydrosols, honeysuckle, imortelle, cape chamomile, pure love, local honey, sea kelp, vitamens B6, B5, C, E, B3, pure joy and Naiad secrets for your best skin ever!!

Comes in a 1 oz glass amber bottle with a spritzer for ease of magical application.


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