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Jade moisturizer for dry and oily skin


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Is your facial skin that awkward dry in some patches while oily in other places type of skin?

Give it an instant boost of balancing face care botanicals.
Introducing the Jade facial set to balance and nourish your skin.

Jade facial oil, is a perfect blend of not too oily while still being nourishing face oils that balancing sebaceous glands so they dont produce too much or too little oil. Infused with Jade and plant essence, and your on your way to healthy beautiful facial skin.
Comes in a .5 oz glass jar with a dropper top, as all you will need to use is a few drops at a time.

Jade for dry and oily skin contains a variety of herbs infused with Jade.
Indigo to balance skin, remove flakiness and reduce over productive sebaceous glands.

Slippery elm to nourish and create a healthy moisturizing effect.

Sandalwood to sooth, tone and heal, along with a handful of gentle spices to increase circulation, and enhance and balance your complexion beautiful while nourishing dry areas and absorbing excess oil.

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