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Golden Coconut Milk Soap


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Golden coconut milk soap,

If you know a little about golden milk then you know it’s really really good for you.

It’s a warm milk beverage with turmeric and spices. Incredible for your whole body from the inside.

I took this concept to the outside because it is just as good to use on your skin.

Turmeric is anti-aging full of antioxidants, fights acne and inflammations, gives you that golden glow, balances sebaceous glands and so much more!

I used cooling coconut for its moisturizing properties and to create a perfect balance of warm to cool with the added spices.

Golden Coconut Milk Soap smells of rich cardomom and sweet cinnamon, ginger, cloves and heavenly white champa for your best skin ever!!

Fully organic, Palm free, created using botanicals, organic oils of coconut, extra virgin olive, castor, organic coconut milk, spices and pure joy!!


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