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Desire moon DIY incense cones


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Desire incense.
Make your own Incense!
This is an easy to do kit, a fun gift or just a great craft time!
This kit is a special blend to aid in getting your sexy time on!
The more senses involved in creating an erotic environment the more pleasurable the experience.
Provoking passion and energizing libido, this yummy incense is for lovers.
This blend contains organic herbs of
red sandalwood
muira puama
guar gum
one magical vial of botanical essence richly imbued with vegan animalic musk and the delicious scent of desire.
Makes between 8-10 large cones
16-20 medium cones
and around 30 small cones.
Handmade with pure joy in the USA.

Purely natural, no artificial fragrances.

– Finished incense not included.


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