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Chocolate and Vanilla Bath Milk, Vegan and Organic


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Chocolate and Vanilla Bath Milk
Chocolate and vanilla are phenomenal for revitalizing and beautifying the skin.
This bath milk is created with one of the most powerful stress reducers, magnesium, which is necessary for our bodies ability to digest stress on any level, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Our body best absorbs magnesium through the skin rather than orally so this bath is the ideal way to relax and nourish your body whole.
Richly scented Organic cocoa butter its added for its moisturizing and nourishing properties.
Comes in a lovely package perfect for 1-2 baths (2oz)
Ingredients; Magnesium salts, Organic cocoa, organic vanilla, organic cocoa butter.
To use; pour contents into warm running bath water, let dissolve, enjoy!


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