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Carnelian Facial kit, for oily skin


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Carnelian facial bliss to purify and balance.

Carnelian for oily skin contains a variety of herbs to reduce excess oil production, balance the circulation in the skin and expel sluggish and toxic substances.

Revitalizing and lymphatic moving herbs of Licorice, Guggul, Orange, Cinnamon and many more. Purifying herbs to enhance and balance your complexion beautiful while absorbing excess oil.

Carnelian Toner contains a special blend of Carnelian infused herbs in witch hazel with a precious essence blend of botanicals to help tighten, tone and balance the skin before adding moisturizer.
Carnelian toner helps combat the effects of too much oil production and balance the skin.
Comes in a one oz glass jar with a spritzer top for ease of use.

Carnelian facial oil, even oily skin will needs to be moisturized with a balancing blend of oils that actually slows down excess oil production and balances sebaceous glands that easily absorbs into the skin, a special blend of nourishing herbs, infused in Carnelian and plant essences and your on your way to healthy beautiful facial skin.
Comes in a .5 oz glass jar with a dropper top, as all you will need to use is a few drops at a time.

Carnelian face mask. Use 1-3 times a week.
This special mask will tighten and tone the skin, pulling out excess oil and grime, tightening up skin pores and dry out the skin a bit
A special blend of clays and herbs infused with Carnelian just for Oily skin type.
Comes in a one oz glass jar.

Carnelian face wash
This organic sugar wash has been specially formulated to cleanse oily prone skin while maintaining a high amount of nourishment.
Plants, Sugar, carnelian infusion and pure joy.
Nourish with Nature for your best life ever!!
Comes in a one oz glass jar with a spritzer for easy use.


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