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Blend No.1 Organic Perfume Sample



Blend No.1 organic perfume for the osmanthus lover.

This perfume is blended using only botanical essences in a base of organic grape alcohol.
It starts with a sun warm woodland scent imbued with hints of orange peel and a gentle flower meadow with a glorious patch of sweet jasmine + osmanthus with ripe juicy peaches wafting in from a distant grove. Tufts of oakmoss and the scent of pure comfort, familiarity and peace, like saying hello to an old friend you trust with your heart.
The scent isn’t necessarily a familiar smell those are just the feelings the aroma invokes from my senses.
The scent dries down into a sweet resinous accord entwined with a lazy summer evening.

Nourish with nature.

Comes in a glass vial with enough to test out.


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