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Big kit of DIY incense


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The big kit of incense crafting!
One of each incense kit!

Make your own Incense!
This is an easy to do kit, a fun gift or just a great craft time!

Dream Moon,
This blend is for dreaming, lucid dreaming, divine visioning,
dream recall, astral projection. (Make sure your Incense is not burning while sleeping!)

Desire Moon
This special blend is to aid in provoking passion and energizing libido, get your sexy time on! Incense for lovers.

Calm Moon
This kit is a deep breathe, calming, mildly sedative. To aid in efficient stress management.

Heart Moon
The heart incense kit is created to support and open the heart physically, emotionally and spiritually. To help you live your best life ever with loving intention and compassion in each moment.

Manifest Moon
To aid in fullfilling dreams, desires, creating clarity, direction and move you towards a life of wishes granted.

Each kit makes between
Makes between 8-10 large cones
16-20 medium cones
and around 30 small cones.
Handmade with pure joy in the USA.

– Finished incense not included.


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