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Amethyst organic toner, for acne and oily skin


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Do you suffer from acne and oily skin?

Amethyst Toner contains a special blend of amethyst infused herbs in witch hazel with a precious essence blend of botanicals to help tighten, tone and balance the skin before adding moisturizer.
Amethyst toner helps combat the effects of acne, dry up blemishes and reduce future breakouts, dry up oily patches and balance skin.
Comes in a one oz glass jar with a spritzer top for ease of use.

Reduce blemishes, dry up excess oil, keep future breakouts from occuring, no longer leave greasy stains on everything your face touches.

Amethyst facial bliss to purify and balance.

Amethyst facial blends utilize a combination of contains astringent, alterative (blood cleansing) and skin tone balancing herbs.

Organic Chaga, Lavender, Dandelion, hawthorn, a handful gentle spices, and inflammation reducing, purifying herbs to enhance and balance your complexion beautiful while absorbing excess oil and minimizing blemishes.



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