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Amethyst full facial set, for acne and oily skin


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Do you suffer from acne and oily skin?

Clear up one break out and the other is already started, soo much oil every time you touch your nose?
This set is a great start to get your skin moving in the right direction of clean breakout free and oily reduced skin!

Reduce blemishes, dry up excess oil, keep future breakouts from occuring, no longer leave greasy stains on everything your face touches.

Amethyst facial bliss to purify and balance.

Amethyst facial blends utilize a combination of contains astringent, alterative (blood cleansing) and skin tone balancing herbs.

Organic Chaga, Lavender, Dandelion, hawthorn, a handful of gentle spices, and inflammation reducing, purifying herbs to enhance and balance your complexion beautiful while absorbing excess oil and minimizing blemishes.

Amethyst Toner contains a special blend of amethyst infused herbs in witch hazel with a precious essence blend of botanicals to help tighten, tone and balance the skin before adding moisturizer.
Amethyst toner helps combat the effects of acne, dry up blemishes and reduce future breakouts, dry up oily patches and balance skin.
Comes in a one oz glass jar with a spritzer top for ease of use.

Amethyst facial oil, acne and oil or not your skin will likely need to be moisturized with a balancing blend of oils that actually cleanse the skin and nourish, slaying bacteria causing acne, this is a non comedogenic blend of oils that easily absorbs into the skin, a special blend of nourishing herbs, infused in amethyst and plant essences and your on your way to healthy beautiful facial skin.
Comes in a .5 oz glass jar with a dropper top, as all you will need to use is a few drops at a time.

Amethyst face mask. Use 1-3 times a week.
This special mask will tighten and tone the skin, pulling out excess oil and grime, tightening up skin pores and reducing acne.
A special blend of clays and herbs infused with amthyst just for Acne + oily skin type.
Comes in a one oz glass jar.

Amethyst face wash
This organic sugar wash has been specially formulated to cleanse acne + oily prone skin while maintaining a high amount of nourishment.
Plants, Sugar, amethyst infusion and pure joy.
Nourish with Nature for your best life ever!!
Comes in a one oz glass jar with a spritzer for easy use.

Amethyst Tonic Organic Herbal Washcloth for facial bliss, to purify and balance.

This beautiful Wash cloth contains astringent, alterative and skin tone balancing herbs,

Tonic washcloths work great with or without soap and for oil cleansing too! If you don’t like soap, just a gentle steam and a light scrub and you’re good to go. Whatever you’re into face wash wise, there is a washcloth for you.

Use as you would a normal washcloth, the herbal attributes imbued in the fibers send a constant nourishing and healing experience to your skin.
Washcloth is 13×13 inches and super plush.

Colors may slightly vary based upon the dye lot.
Nourish with nature. Hand dyed and sewn with plants and love by Moon Magic.


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