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natural perfume making
natural perfume making

Natural perfume making

Natural perfume making

natural perfume making

Crafting a perfume with natural ingredients creates so many incredible layers unattainable with artificial ingredients.

This is a very basic coverage of the process, many perfumers study plant aromas and attributes and blending techniques for years. As there is really a lot to learn about each aspect and fixing alcohols etc.

The following can be blended with alcohol or oil, your choice.

To make a perfume you need to have a base, heart, and head.

The base creates stability and staying value. It is generally comprised of roots resin and trees.

The heart ties the whole thing together with flowers and herbs, leaves and greenery.

The head is the welcoming hello in the first whiff and lasts for about 15-30 minutes. Mostly created from citrus. It’s the light quickly evaporating part of a perfume blend.

I like to do roughly equal parts of each. This will give a perfume that lasts 2-5 hours, depending upon what is used.

I always start with blending my base, then add the heart and end with the head.

Normally I will blend each separately and let it sit for 1-6 months, then I mix them and let it sit for 1-6 months again. But I will guide you through a perfume you can wear today, the scent will evolve and mature the more time you give it.

A note on using alcohol, you can use vodka as it contains no scent, I use 150 proof distilled grape alcohol (basically moonshine) and I prefix with resins, or barks for 6-12 months because otherwise sometimes it gets weird when you add the perfume without the prefixing.

Also not all things blend well in alcohol, such as concretes.

The following recipe will give a beautiful basic perfume.


natural perfume making
natural perfume making


10 drops Vetiver

10 drops Labdanum

10 drops Sandalwood

5 drops Cedarwood Virginia


10 drops Rose

15 drops Jasmine

5 drops Ylang ylang


10 drops Rosewood

15 drops Clementine

20 drops Bergamot

2 oz of oil or alcohol.

If your essential oils do not have orifice reducers you will want pipettes, I use disposable plastic pipettes, a different one for each oil.


Start with the first botanical ingredient and add in order, shake. Add oil or alcohol, shake. Label and date.

Try to wait a few days as this will give a more beautiful scent or set aside and shake it daily up to 6 months or until you can’t stand it any longer and must use it.

Smell often and notice the change that time creates.

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