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Moon Magic indigo resist

Making an indigo resist.

Creating a natural indigo resist.

I am deeply enamored with anything indigo.

The process is too beautiful for words and it bring tears of joy and reverence for this incredible plant magic every time I dye in indigo.

This is  my method for an easy and washable resist.

How to make a natural dye resist in indigo

Supplies needed to create an indigo resist;

-heavy yupo paper or

cardstock + plastic packing tape

-elmers glue

-pencil or pen for sketching

-natural fabric to create resist, this needs to be light in color if not white. Also no synthetics.

-razor blade for cutting out design

-cheap paint brush, about and inch wide.



-indigo vat

How to make a natural dye resist in indigo

Start with sketching out your design on the cardstock or yupo.

How to make a natural dye resist in indigo

Once you have it, if you’re using card stock, tape the whole paper up on both sides like a laminate. If you are using Yupo you can skip this step as yupo is already water repellent.

How to make a natural dye resist in indigo

Next cut out your design with the razor.

Now lay out your fabric on a flat solid table you don’t mind scrubbing glue off. Or lay down freezer paper for easy clean up. (if you are making a shirt resist or something with two sides, place something glue reisitant like freezer paper between the two sides, otherwise the resist will soak to the back side of the shirt as well.)

How to make a natural dye resist in indigo

Place you design onto the fabric where you want the resist to be.

How to make a natural dye resist in indigo

Now add 1/4 water to 3/4 glue to your bowl and mix well.

How to make a natural dye resist in indigo

This is the resist medium.

How to make a natural dye resist in indigo

Use your paint brush to apply glue resist, painting inward strokes so the glue doesn’t bleed under your design.

Make sure the glue soaks through to the backside of the fabric.

When finished, pull off resist stencil and hang your fabric to dry.

After the resist is fully dried, it’s time to dip dye.

How to make a natural dye resist in indigo

Dip your fabric into water until fully soaked, next dip into indigo and pull out.

How to make a natural dye resist in indigo

Hang your fabric to oxygenate.

How to make a natural dye resist in indigo

Wash as you would normal indigo in a machine on hot.

Dry normal.

indigo resist
indigo resist

Admire your indigo resist!

Let me know how this went for you in the comments below!

Do you have any tips, things you’d do different?

I’d love to see your work!

Email me photos at liz@moonmagic.co

Or tag me @moonmagic.co on Instagram!

To shop Moon Magic indigo resist products go here.

Vein Balm DIY by Moon Magic

Vein Balm DIY

Vein Balm

Are unsightly veins causing you to cover up and with self consciousness?

This wonderful herbal blend will leave you full of confidence and proudly wearing shorts again!

Vein balm DIY as requested! (If you prefer to purchase go here)

I’ve been making and selling this stuff for years. It works wonders. I just wish I’d have started using it sooner and more regularly!!

Diminish spider veins, and varicosities… Hemorrhoids too! As they are simply varicose veins in the anus region.

Lets get right to it

Vein Balm DIY by Moon Magic
Vein Balm DIY by Moon Magic

You will need

10 ml butchers broom herbal oil (if you want to know how to make an herbal oil go here)

17 ml Castor oil

7 grams  Beeswax or wax of your choosing ( sorry vegans, I’ve only ever had failed attempts at alternate waxes so I’m not good with amounts of vegan alternates.. Yet)

4 drops Yarrow essential oil

9 drops Cypress essential oil

Containers for the product.

Pans and pots for double boiler melting


Vein Balm DIY by Moon Magic
Vein Balm DIY by Moon Magic

Measure out oils into a heat proof container

Add measured beeswax

Melt over double boiler on low to medium heat

Vein Balm DIY by Moon Magic
Vein Balm DIY by Moon Magic

Once melted remove from heat

Add essential oils

Mix thoroughly

Pour into containers

Let harden

cap, label

Use daily

Vein Balm DIY by Moon Magic
Vein Balm DIY by Moon Magic

I use this stuff once in the am and once before bed.


Let me know what you think!

How’d it go for you?

Muladhara chakra, recipe for lovers by moon magic

Muladhara chakra, recipe for lovers

Making time for the one we love with something special!
This heavenly blend of aphrodisiacs is perfect for a pleasant evening with your love.
Utilizing the intoxicating qualities of cocoa and vanilla, a pinch of stimulating cinnamon, energizing maca and sexual organ supporting ashwaghanda and shatavari. This is a nourishing blend to use year round or just for a great date night.

sexy time cocoa by moon magic
sexy time cocoa by moon magic

Ingredients; (all herbs in powder form.)
1/4 cup cocoa

1 teaspoon maca

1.5 teaspoons ahswaghanda

1 teaspoon shatavari

sprinkling of vanilla

sprinkling of cinnamon

3 Tablespoons sweetener if desired


and love

2 cups milk of your choice

sexy time cocoa by moon magic
sexy time cocoa by moon magic

Mix all powder ingredients into a sauce pan, add mix milk put over medium heat warming until just right while stirring to mix and melt everything together

Remove from heat, pour into two cups and enjoy with your beloved.

Ideal for a great night in!

sexy time cocoa by moon magic
sexy time cocoa by moon magic

Natural Soap at Home by Liz McQuerry

Natural Soap at Home

Available now, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indie Bound


From the creator of the natural skin care line Moon Magic, Liz McQuerry offers a step-by-step guide, enhanced with excellent photos, for natural cold-process soap crafting. Utilizing mostly kitchen ingredients to create a variety of innovative soap blends–including felted soap, beer soap, and seasonal soaps–McQuerry will put you in touch with your inner alchemist. From body bars to hair care bars, with wonderful tidbits and advice on herbs and essential oil blends, you and your family will enjoy a clean like never before.

Natural Soap at Home provides delightful instructions for:

  • Skin care bars
  • Hair care bars
  • Creative and beautiful bars
  • An easy make-your-own soap cutter
  • A wide array of beautifully blended essential oil formulations to scent your soap
  • A comprehensive table on vegetable oils along with what to use, when, and why
  • And much more

Glove up and safety-goggle down for a fun, efficient, and easy-to-follow ride through the world of soap crafting.


About the Author

Liz McQuerry is a firm believer in nourishing from nature. She is always trying to find new, fun, and more innovatively beautiful ways to craft and has worked in the allopathic medicine system for years while studying holistic medicine and body therapies in Chinese, ayurvedic, and eclectic medicine. Through her company, Moon Magic (MoonMagic.co), she has been creating and sharing her knowledge for more than ten years. When she is not testing formulas, she spends her time playing with her three children, jogging in the woods, and painting on her porch surrounded by a cacophony of living greenery. She resides in Grass Valley, California.


Editorial Reviews

“A sensible guide to handcrafting soap at home without breaking the bank on specialized tools and materials.” —Anne L. Watson, author of Smart Soapmaking

“This is a solid book on the art and science of how to create handmade soap at home. From the basic science to more advanced techniques and ingredients, this book will teach from the basics to the challenging.” —Anne-Marie Faiola, founder Bramble Berry Handcraft Provisions

From the Publisher

Naiad myst recipe

Naiad Myst Recipe, secret recipe used by the gods

Naiad myst recipe

This is the stuff the gods use for immortality skin care.

It retains youth. Restorative through rejuvenating cellular stability on all levels.

Naiad Myst

It’s a well known fact that naiads will seduce you into the water and drown you, but did you know they craft one of the purest skin nourishing mysts available, in this universe, for after water and sun care?

This naiad myst recipe is taken directly from a well hidden secret Naiad recipe. I took the liberty to substitute a few of the items that are unattainable in our world, at this time, but work just as efficiently.

Spritz this mist on liberally after sun and or water play to sooth dryness, moisturize, rehydrate and minimize damage while decreasing healing time.

To get your own go here, to make your own continue reading…

Naiad myst makings..

Bottles with spritzer tops for ease of application.

8 grams Honey (or glycerine if your vegan or perfer that route, or sea kelp bio ferment works great too)

2 oz Rose hydrosol

2 oz lavender hydrosol

3 drops Chamomile essential oil

3 drops Imortelle (helichrysum) essential oil

love and pure joy!

To make simply put ingredients all together, mix well and bottle, use liberally as often as needed to aquire and maintain your best skin ever.

This beauty is super simple to create with profound results!

Restorative to skin in phenomenal ways.

I actually use it on my face daily for a youthful glow

natural sunscreen recipe

Natural Sunscreen Recipe, and commercial sunscreen dangers!

Your sunscreen may be doing your skin more harm than good, and a great natural sunscreen recipe alternative!

It’s that time of year when most folks in the northern hemisphere get plenty of sun. With this comes the need for excellent skin care, as we will be living with this body for an entire lifetime. Wonderful skin nourishment is a must, including sunscreen. But did you know most commercial sunscreens contain highly toxic chemicals which can cause cancer, allergies, skin irritation, aging, and hormone imbalances to name a few, doing more harm to your skin than the sun.

The sun produces vitamin D when allowed to openly mingle with our skin. A little time in the sun is really very healthy! Vitamin D in the body is necessary for optimal cellular and immune system functioning, which is one reason why people tend to get sick more often in the winter without vitamin D. However, if you’re going to be in the sun directly for hours on end, finding a great natural sunscreen is a totally doable thing. Just watch out for strange chemicals like oxybenzone, Cinoxate, dioxybenzone, parabens, oxtocrylene, methoxycinnamate, homosalate,  para aminobenzoic acid to name a few, basically if it sounds weird and you are unfamiliar with the ingredients chances are it’s not something you want to put on your body.

I created a safe, moisturizing and healing alternative natural sunscreen here, which works sublimely well, I even use it in place of my normal skin cream because it is so awesome.

Each ingredient creates a mineral barrier (straight from nature) against the sun as opposed to a potentially toxic chemical barrier.

Each ingredient contains an SPF between 3-25

natural sunscreen recipe
natural sunscreen recipe

For this natural sunscreen recipe you can use any variety of nourishing oils, the following are a blend of what I used and the basic ingredients;

125 ml oils total



red and black raspberry



evening primrose


sea buckthorn berry


1 Tablespoon non-nano zinc

7 grams shea butter

15 grams beeswax

all the love

heaps of pure joy

squeeze bottles or jar for bottling

labels (so you know what the heck you made a month from now)

double boiler

heat proof container and spoon or hand mixer for blending


measure all ingredients into heat proof container, set over double boiler and stir as ingredients melt.

natural sunscreen recipe
natural sunscreen recipe

mix well,

natural sunscreen recipe

pour into jars or bottles,

natural sunscreen recipe


Natural Sunscreen

and label, enjoy!!!


Herbal Salve

Herbal Salve, heal, sooth, revitilize burns, chapped skin, cuts, bug bites and more!

Herbal salve!

Last week I shared a blog on creating plantain oil, this week I’ll guide you through the steps to make it into your own healing balm to be super useful this summer season on bug bites, burns, cuts, bruises, chapped skin and more!

Herbal Salve


3 oz Plantain oil strained

Herbal Salve

1 oz beeswax

Herbal Salve

Containers for storing

Heatproof container

Pot to make double boiler


Pour plantain oil and beeswax into heat proof container.

Herbal Salve

Create double boiler by adding about half an inch of water, set over medium heat and put heatproof container into pot

Herbal Salve

Stir mixture until melted.

Herbal Salve

Pour into containers,

Herbal Salve

let cool, cap and label. Use as needed.


plantain, herbal oil

Plantain, herbal oil.

Plantain and how to create an herbal oil.

plantain, herbal oil

This beautiful herb grows wild around here, it’s all over the fields at the school next door, and the grave yard across the street, in the cracks of the sidewalk in my daily walks.

plantain, herbal oil

I choose not to pick those plantain because you never know what is in the soil. Instead I took a hike along our beautiful Yuba River and wild harvested some.

plantain, herbal oil

Plantain is a great skin healing herb. It draws out infection and aids in knitting the skin back together quickly. It is a natural analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial, it’s astringent and aids in drying out, but also a demulcent so it is not overly drying. I like to use it for burns, bug bites, poison oak, sunburn, cuts, scrapes, and acne.

I’m going to share with you how to create an herbal oil with  plantain follwed by a skin healing balm, to make with your oil, on next weeks blog.

plantain, herbal oil


1 cup mason jar with lid



1 cup organic sunflower oil

Plantain leaf, to fill your jar


You can use freshly harvested plantain

plantain, herbal oil

or hang it out to dry for a few days to reduce the water content.

plantain, herbal oil

Drying your herb will leave less room for bacterial growth.

plantain, herbal oil

Cut up your herb,

plantain, herbal oil

put into mason jar,

plantain, herbal oil

fill with oil just

plantain, herbal oil
plantain, herbal oil

to about 1/2 inches below the top,

plantain, herbal oil

cap, label and date and shake.

I like to leave this in a sunny window sill for a light solar infusion for 1-4 weeks, shaking once a day. Strain your herb out of your oil and save the oil in a clean, labeled container for future use.

Next week… how to use your oil in a healing balm.

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe, exfoliate, reduce cellulite, nourish with nature

Coffee sugar scrub recipe

Bathing suit season is rapidly approaching, so I’ve created a serious cellulite removing exfoliator.

Cellulite can be a pocket of toxins or fats, that when stimulated can actually be moved back into the lymphatic system and expelled by the body.

Stimulating coffee and spices can aid in enhancing the circulatory and toxin moving properties of an exfoliating substance.

I’ve created the perfect pre-summer-bathing companion all wrapped up in one awesome moisturizing sugar scrub that will leave you glowing gently moisturized and smooth!

If you want to purchase this instead of making it go here.

To make your Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe you will need the following;

Jars, lids and labels

120 grams sugar

7 grams coffee ground for espresso

20 grams grapeseed oil (or whatever you prefer)

5 grams castille soap

Pinch of each of the following spices (optional)






Blend dry ingredients together,

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

add wet ingredients and blend well,

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

scoop into jars,

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe
Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

label, share or use all for your beautiful self!!