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Moon Magic is dedicated to sustainability, nature and compassion. Each item is handcrafted with pure joy and the highest quality ingredients we could source.

From Moon Magic creator, Liz;

Growing up my mom had more allergies than anyone I’ve ever met.

She was allergic to so many foods, smells, chemicals, dust, fabrics, detergents, animals, building materials, flowers and fresh carpet, to name a few.

I remember almost every time my family would come home from being in public my mom would go straight to bed because someone she had been near had worn a fragrance or laundered their cloths with something she was allergic to and her body just got so sick.

So from a young age she often shopped the health food store and local co op, which wasn’t a big deal at the time, just tiny little stores, frequented by aging hippies, seventh day adventists and the few folks with serious food allergies.

It wasn’t until I had my first child that I really got into shopping health food stores and an awareness kicked in of how what we put on our skin and in our bodies creates ones state of wellbeing.

I realized that everything we digest even in our environments affects us.

I worked in the allopathic medicine field for years seeing over and over illnesses manifest as direct results to lifestyle habits, I was studying natural body therapies, along with Chinese, Ayurvedic and Eclectic medicine and really wanted to change the world in a healing manner. The most useful way I found to do this was by crafting everyday items in helpful ways, such as soap and skin care. My friends and family were more than happy to use what I crafted and thus Moon Magic was born.

I love the connection between nature and human, the more we care for our bodies in a natural way, the more we can step into our true divine beauty and the more fulfilled we become, thus allowing us to be overflowing with joy and compassion for others.
I’m on a mission to spread joy via our connection through nature nourishment.
What you feed your skin becomes you.
May your skin, heart and soul be well nourished, healthful and loved!
Bringing you botanically marvelous beauty through bliss.