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a spiral of oats surrounded by three bananas with curves of hibiscus intermitent, like a pinwheel, by Moon Magic
Banana Grains by Moon Magic

3 signs face wash isn’t for you, and what to do about it.

Face wash may not be for you if you clean your face regularly yet still break out, have oily or dry patches, inflammations and irritations.

Maybe face wash isn’t for you.

Let’s face the facts, many commercial face washes contain pH high detergents, harsh chemicals and yucky preservatives, this is simply no good for perfect skin or any skin, ever.

Your skin just might need a different balance of gentle daily exfoliation, pore tightening, and nutrient dosing.

Cleansing grains do just that, and you probably have half the ingredients in your kitchen already!

If you’d rather get some already made go HERE.

If you want to make your own, read on!

First the ingredients


This tropical fruit just might be your new skins best friend. Full of

Potassium, vitamin A, C, E and more.

In your body potassium helps maintain moisture and is necessary for creating new cells. Without this hydrating nutrient your cells die, your skin and arteries become hard, the heart has trouble moving fluids and toxins build up.

Vitamin C is necessary to produce collagen, reduces redness, and blemishes.

Vitamin E is moisturizing as well as wrinkle, fine line and scar reducing.

Bananas help balance skin tone and oil production.

NETTLES are one of my favorite herbs to use because of their versatility and safety

Nettles are a wonderful antihistamine and on the skin can alleviate rashes, redness, itchy, dry skin, they are packed full of nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin C, iron magnesium, chlorophyll.

HIBISCUS is packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants, and alpha hyrdroxy acids to help with skin elasticity.

OATS, help hydrate and moisturize, calm inflammation and irritation, and just all around good to have for breakfast, even on your face.

Kaolin clay, this gentle clay is a wonderful exfoliator, shrinks pores while pulling out excess oil.

Thats it, plain and simple ingredients for a killer face wash.

Lets get started;

You will need;

1/2 cup banana flour

1/2 cup oat flour

1/4 cup kaolin clay

1/4 cup ground nettle

1 Tablespoon ground hibiscus

Pure Joy

Yeilds; One and a half cups.

To make;

Pour all ingredients into a mixing bowl and blend well.

That’s it!

If you like to put into little jars, do so now, or store in a airtight jar, label, enjoy!

To use; pour about a teaspoon of cleansing grains directly into your hand or use a small bowl if you prefer, add enough water to get a liquid paint-like consistency, rub into face in circular motions, wash off, follow with moisturizer. Feel the joy!



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